51Oakland was established to ensure that all Oakland Public School Students Have equal access to Art & Music Education

51Oakland Advisory Council Member Roger Glenn Addresses Young Musicians 51Oakland is a non-profit that is committed to building opportunity for Oakland Unified students to have access to culturally vibrant Art and Music programming. We exist because we believe that access to Art and Music is a critical element in a young person’s right to an education. Students need consistent opportunities to access the creative and communal benefits of arts and music, and skills that contribute to a healthy and successful life throughout school and beyond. We want to be sure that our most underserved students receive all the benefits of Art and Music Programming. Partnering with Yoshi’s Jazz Club, 51Oakland provides Oakland Public School students with access to programs, resources, supplies, instruction, mentoring and training in Music and the Arts. 51Oakland, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, is organized and operated solely to promote educational, artistic and musical opportunities for youth in the Oakland community.